Cultivating mindfulness within training to amplify potential. 

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Nathan Senter


Nathan is a coach. He doesn’t take the title lightly. Physical fitness is more than “just a workout”. It’s not a mental health break, it’s a chance for the mind to reconnect to the body and bring the system back online. Nathan’s lifelong pursuit of strength is rooted in his passion to unlock the mind’s capacity for resilience, grit, and physical aptitude. A strong mind empowers the body to reach its potential. Nathan is enthusiastic and encouraging, but not a cheerleader. He’s more of a Sherpa who’s willing to bear the load and show you the way, but you have to be willing to summit. To him, fitness is a minimalism that incorporates kettlebells, barbells, and one’s own weight en route to mastery. His career of service exemplifies his commitment to helping others understand the importance of fitness never being the limiting factor to anything.