“We’re not here for a long time. We’re here for a good time.” - Huey Lewis and The News


KIN MVMT was founded in 2017.  There was an opportunity to bring something different to Ann Arbor, a place where we could challenge the brain and body through a sustainable training formula. 

KIN is a "gym" with a minimalist, yet progressive vibe. A style of training that blends body-weight techniques, kettlebells, endurance & cardio, classic lifting styles, and ground based movement in one session. Every program is designed with the individual in mind, and through personalized programming KIN MVMT brings accountability to another level.

KIN blends personal training with autonomy, and our intention is to create an amazing community of like-minded individuals who are looking for a challenging gym experience, but also a sustainable one.  

We want you to love coming to KIN, but love living life more.


Nathan’s lifelong quest of strength is rooted in his passion to unlock your mind's capacity for resilience, grit, and physical aptitude. A strong mind empowers the body to reach its full potential. He is enthusiastic and encouraging, but not a cheerleader.

Over the last 15 years Nathan has worked in accelerated fitness markets - Los Angeles, and Chicago - and collaborated with experts in the fitness industry. Additionally, he holds a Masters in Psychology offering an unmatched experience to KIN MVMT members.

Nathan’s career of service exemplifies his commitment to helping you understand the importance that fitness will never being the limiting factor to anything.

Whether you need direction in health & fitness, life, or all of the above - he will create an individual plan just for you.